I am interested in creating an informal network of MDSA members whom have Strategic Management as their broad research area.  For example, these scholars would probably have Business Policy and Strategy as their primary division within the Academy.  Similar to a caucus session, I would like to establish an environment to  provide a convenient, informal way for strategy MDSA members with shared interests to discuss common issues, and to explore potential research collaborations. Hopefully with the establishment of this network we could also meet informally at the next MDSA meeting in San Antonio to discuss work in progress, or to share insights on a unique phenomenon, a published paper, or a book. 

To begin this process, if you fit this profile and share my desires, please post to this discussion topic.  Using this topic board as an introduction to each other, we should be able to gather a list of future collaborators for an informal caucus session in San Antonio.

So, Strategy Stand Up!

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I stand with you soon-to-be Dr. Brown! My interests are in Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

I am a first-year PhD student with interests in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the international level.  Can anyone recommend a few good resources for me to learn more about these areas?  Thanks in advance.



Isaac I would recommend doing a search for the words "international" and "global" in the Strategic Management Journal, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. I'm sure you'll find plenty of articles that will peak your interests.

Hi Lee.  As you know I am Entrepreneurship but my research interests in innovation has me mingling on the strategy side more and more.   So I am standing up (really, I am coming out -:)).  See you soon!


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